MADE IN is a 7+ year French-Chinese company specialized in ready-to-wear for men & women, headquartered in Shanghai.

The company has been created by the two founders (15+ year in the industry, 10+ year based in Shanghai) who are former buying managers & directors working for different brands in Europe, thereby truly knowing the methodology and adaptation required by each specific client, brand and market.


We combine these French added values with the Asian competitiveness for prices. For this reason, we are in a stable growth each year working with several leaders and key actors of the fashion garment industry. 

Tailor design collection Made In garment supplie in Asia


Fashion factory sewing machine Made In garment supplier in Asia

● Suggesting frequently our own designs & collections to the client (integrated the brand DNA),according to our well-founded knowledge of trends.

● We advise technically, as consultants, our clients with a rigorous industrial knowledge.

● We insure a strong Quality Assurance policy covering the whole process of production, with our own QC team.

● We have our own production lines with our own factories partners.

● We manage the shipping (organizing the freight, administrative customs procedures, routing up to final destination).

As a conclusion, we stand for FACILITATORS.


Reason of being


“We are an interface in between offer and demand: we design, source, negotiate, manage the production follow-up and organize the shipment of our clients goods in fashion garment industry.”

world interconnection interface offer demand Made In garment supplier in Asia
Mission statement


“By understanding the clients filter we propose the best value for money.

To get the results we can rely upon the skills and the welfare of our employees enjoying their autonomy to give the best of themselves. 

They stand for the backbone of our society adhering to our philosophy and values based on win-win business as we mix both visions: 

Eastern and Western‘ visions as a block: performance is operated through the group and the lead by the ablest one.”



ethical value green sustainable eco fashion made in garment supplier in Asia

We are part of sustainable Fashion by operating at our best with eco-friendly materials and ecology-oriented partners.

Well-being of our employees and collaborators is primordial. Thus, we are totally in favor of the most harmonious working environmental condition.